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Fantasia - click for larger image
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Fantasia - Sample sheet music
Sample sheet music
Title Fantasia
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Original contemporary music (20th, 21st century)
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Publisher's article no. KL 2307
Year of publication 2021
Price 89.00 EUR (incl. 10 % Austrian VAT)
Composer Gutmann, Philipp Manuel
Difficulty level 2
Evaluation level of countries A1 (Austrian A level)
Duration 03:25
Additional info/contents Like fanfares, the gates of a fairytale setting open and grant a brief glimpse into the extraordinary sound world of Fantasia. Played around by castanets and increasingly propulsive rhythmic elements, a tender, vibratory and musical adventure narrative spins on.

While the first section of the composition deals with isolated scenes in terms of motifs, the second section consists of three parts in which the individual rhythmic and motivic components intertwine in such a way as to create an expressive, dreamy and intense character. The initial fanfare, which also introduces the second section in a varied form, is heard one last time and ends the piece with an exclamation mark.

Sustained and indulgent moments define the mood of Fantasia and form the basis for an entertaining musical fairy tale narrative.


Clr 1,2,3
ASax 1,2

Trp 1,2,3
Hrn in F 1,2,3,4
Flh 1,2
Trb 1,2,3


Sample sheet music Sample sheet music click here
Sample score Sample score click here
Sound sample
Video sample
Available yes yes
Programme notes: additional text

In a magical world far removed from reality, there existed a mysterious realm called Fantasia. This realm was not found on maps, but in the hearts and souls of those who had kept faith in miracles. Fantasia was a world where music, dreams and adventure merged to create an enchanting symphony of life.

One day, as the sun gently rose above the horizon, the gates of Fantasia slowly began to open. A fanfare as bright and radiant as the morning light announced the beginning of a new day full of possibility and magic. The gates revealed a view of a backdrop of breathtaking beauty: rolling hills dotted with lush forests and sparkling rivers. Flowers of the most brilliant colours danced in the wind as if listening to the sounds of Fantasia.

The castanets began to ring, their rhythmic sounds blending seamlessly into the melody of life. They danced like mischievous spirits, filling the air with joy. And as the castanets played their joyful song, more and more instruments joined in - flutes, trumpets, drums - creating a harmonic symphony that gripped the soul.

The rhythm increased, became more powerful and propulsive. It was as if Fantasia awakened the spirit of adventure in the hearts of those who entered it. Suddenly a figure rose from the crowd, a young dreamer - or
dreamer? Eyes lit up with curiosity and excitement as the figure took its first steps into the fairytale world.

The melody carried the being across green meadows and through fragrant forests. She met talking animals who gave her wisdom and friendship. In an enchanted lake, she discovered a shimmering creature that told of forgotten legends and filled the rest of her journey with mystical splendour. The figure found himself in moments of quiet contemplation when the music lost itself in sustained and indulgent tones. These moments gave her the opportunity to grasp the beauty and depth of Fantasia.

The adventures continued as she wandered through majestic mountain peaks, found mysterious relics in sparkling caves, and wandered down mysterious alleys in forgotten cities. Every corner of Fantasia was filled with the magic of music that echoed the history of the land in the hearts of its inhabitants.

Finally, the person reached the top of an ancient tower that overlooked the whole country. The melody that had accompanied them reached its climax as the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon, bathing the sky in a breathtaking spectacle of colours.

With a sense of gratitude and awe, the mysterious being returned from Fantasia enriched by the adventures she had experienced and the sounds that had touched the soul. It knew that the memories of this extraordinary world of sound would be held forever and that Fantasia would always be there, ready to be discovered by those who had the courage to believe in miracles.

And so the gate of Fantasia slowly closed, but the melody remained forever in the hearts of those who had heard it - a musical fairy tale that would never fade.

Quelle/Source: musicainfo.net (KI)

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