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Aurora obscura - click for larger image
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Aurora obscura - Sample sheet music
Sample sheet music
Title Aurora obscura
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Original contemporary music (20th, 21st century)
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Publisher's article no. KL 2264
Year of publication 2016
Price 122.00 EUR (incl. 10 % Austrian VAT)
Composer Gutmann, Philipp Manuel
Difficulty level 4
Evaluation level of countries D3 (German medium level)
Duration 6:30
Additional info/contents In his composition "Aurora obscura", Philipp Gutmann refers in general terms to the phenomenon of the dawn from an eerie, quasi-dark perspective.
of the dawn from an eerie, quasi gloomy perspective. In addition, the following poem "Aurora" by Jakob van Hoddis took on an essential role in the conception of the work:

"Home we boot distraught and old,
the bright yellow night has blossomed.
We see how, above the lanterns, cold and dark blue
and dark blue, the sky threatens and glows.

Now the long streets wind, heavy
and blotchy, soon, in the broad glow of the days.
The strong aurora brings it here,
With thick, red-frozen fingers, timid."

The atmosphere of this poem and the subjective feeling of the composer flowed in the form of
The atmosphere of this poem and the subjective feeling of the composer flowed into the composition in the form of motivic elements, unexpected lightning-like effects and partly "obscure" harmonies and in this way formed it into a coherent unity.
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Programme notes: additional text

"Aurora obscura" is a variation of the term "dawn", with "obscura" referring to the Latin word for "dark" or "shadowy". In this case, "aurora obscura" metaphorically refers to a special, mysterious or gloomy form of dawn. In many cultures and literary contexts, dawn is a symbol of new beginnings, hope and light. The addition of the word "obscura" gives the term an artistic or poetic nuance, indicating a unique interpretation or a special atmosphere. When "aurora obscura" is used in a specific artistic or literary context, such as music, it indicates a particular mood or creative expression.

Quelle/Source: musicainfo.net (KI)

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